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MTorres wins the JEC Innovation Awards prize

The MTorres company, based in the Fuente Álamo Technology Park, was recognised with the JEC Innovation Awards prize for the mould-less innovative automated manufacturing process for creating monocoque fuselages in composite material. 

The MTorres company received the award together with Airbus. The two companies shared the prize in the “Aerospace – Process” category. 

On behalf of MTorres, the award was received by Luis Pérez Oliva, Senior Vice President of customers and markets, and Manuel Torres and Eduardo Torres were present, accompanied by several members of the company directly involved in the development of this new process.  

Although not directly, MTorres also celebrated another award, as the Russian company JSC Aerosocomposite won an award in the “Aerospace – Application” category for the infusion technology in manufacturing the wings of the MS-21 aircraft. These wings are the first in the world manufactured with dry fibre, and are made practically in their entirety using MTorres machinery. The Russian representative highlighted the contribution made by the Murcian company in the manufacturing process.

With this award, MTorres consolidates its position as a leading company in the world of composite materials, demonstrating its high engineering capacity for anticipating the needs of the aerospace sector.